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What Can You Do for Property Tax Reform?

Here's an example of testimony by a hoemowner and taxpayer at the City of Minneapolis Ways & Means Committeee.

“Minneapolis must be proactive in aggressively holding costs and limiting any further property tax increases beyond cost-of-living. 7% increases are unacceptable, unsustainable, unrealistic and will destroy the residential fabric of the city! ” Here is the entire testimony

The result of this testimony is found in an article titled Proposed taxes raise a clamor at Minneapolis city hall” published in the StarTribune on Novemeber 20, 2009. “David Sadler, whose home fronts Lake Harriet, argued that city taxes are compounding at a rate that property owners can't afford."They simply won't be able to stay in the city," he said. "It'll destroy the residential fabric."

He noted that the city has the highest property tax burden among 117 metro-area communities, and he called for merging municipal functions such as firefighting and parks across city lines to cut costs.”

Here are things you can do to help make a change in the property tax system:

  1. Learn the basics of how the property tax system works.
  2. Attend and particpate in Truth-in-Taxation meetings. Your local city/town and county are required to hold these meetings so taxpayers and homeowners can voice their concerns. They are held either late November or early December. Look for notices for the meetings.
  3. Attend and particpate in other public budget and tax meetings at your local goverment. If you can't participate directly, make sure to show support for those who do.
  4. Write your elected officials and tell them no more property tax increases:
    • Contact state officials starting at the beginning of the Legislative Session (usually in January). Contact them repeatedly.
    • Contact local officials during their budget cycle and whenever public hearings are held. The budget cycle runs from Spring through the end of the year.
    • Write to each elected official at the local level. This means the city council or town board.
    • Write to your County Commissioners and the local Board of Taxation.
    • Write to the School Board.
    • Sending letters using US Mail works the best.
    • Email a copy of the letter as well.
    • Call and discuss property tax limits with them. (optional - at least write a letter)
    • Have face to face meetings with each of your elected officials. (optional - at least write a letter)
    • Keep writing them until they make changes. Don't give up.
    • Visit our Contact Info page for contact info.
  5. If you support HF1548/SF1339 legislation, contact the following state officials at the beginning of the Legislative Session (usually in January):
  6. At election time, demand from Candidates that they state and defend their position on unfair property taxes.
  7. Write an article for publication in your local newsaper. Mention our website www.MinnesotansForaFairPropertyTax.org.
  8. Write Letters to the Editor in your paper. Mention our website www.MinnesotansForaFairPropertyTax.org.
  9. Sign our Support form. The more people that we can get to sign, the more influence we will have. And we'll use it!
  10. Get at least two other people to visit our web site and support us. The more you can get, the better. Send them an email directly. Or go to our Tell a Friend page.

The more you can do, the more likely change will be made. We sincerely hope everyone will do as much as possible. This is the only way changes will be made!

And Click here if you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns.

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